Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is a large and fast growing industry and is made up of a lot of fields including event planning, the tourism industry, theme parks etc. It consists of fields that are within the service industry. The backbone of the hospitality industry is customer service.

Tourism industry

The tourism industry is perhaps the fastest growing field in the hospitality industry. With things like budget hotels and social media people want to travel more because it is cheaper and thanks to social media people know about other cultures and countries and are more willing to experience them. The tourism industry is consists of hotels and restaurants among other things and the main think that is needed to run these things is good customer service. You can have all the qualifications in the world but if you are unable to interact with your customers and you cannot meet a certain standard of customer service then you will not get far. That is why customer service is the back bone of the hospitality industry.

You will need to train your employees to interact with customers properly. Not everyone is good at socializing and people who are very social may not know what is required of them in a professional setting. You can set up events for corporate entertainment from Melbourne. This will consist of things like conferences and retreats, this can also include days of tam building activities like sports activates or camp activities like tug of war. This will teach employees to work together and also to communicate.

Having things like big conferences and company parties will allow people to interact with unfamiliar faces outside their normal business environment. This will also give them a break and will increase their morale so they will become more efficient.

Hotels will also have to deal with big events and may have to throw big parties, graduation ceremonies or marriage ceremonies. Here they will have to make sure that the bride and groom have everything. They will also have to make sure that there is enough room for the wedding entertainment. There will have to be enough space for a band to play, for the dance and for other activities. Sometimes the bride or groom will want to have traditions or a cultural dance to be a part of the festivities. Visit this link for more info on wedding entertainment from Melbourne.

The advantages

The hospitality industry creates a major boost to the economy. It does not only bring people from other countries to spend on hotels and restaurants but they also shop at local stores and eat at local sops which will benefit the community. Also the hospitality industry has created many jobs for people.